What to Bear in Mind When Looking for a House and Land Package Loan

Are you in the process of buying a home and the land that it sits on at the same time? Many people will try to take this approach if they've found a great location for their new project and want to get started with the construction as soon as possible. Yet before you go too far down this road, make certain that your lender or financial institution will approve you for this particular approach. Read More 

Planning to Buy a Property off the Plan? You Will Still Need a Conveyancer

It's logical that a traditional conveyancing service would be utilised when purchasing an existing property. This is when the service is utterly necessary, when the actual legal transfer of the property (and all the intricacies required for this) take place. Of course, there are instances when you might be considering purchasing a property (dwelling and land) that doesn't yet exist. While the legal transfer of the property into your name will not take place until a later stage, it can be prudent to use a conveyancer when you purchase a property off the plan. Read More